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Sign-ups for hogwarts_houses are now open!

Sign-ups are now closed.

hogwarts_houses is an anonymous fest designed to explore Hogwarts, its houses, and the people involved with them throughout the school's history. Participating creators (DW, IJ, and LJ users who are 18 and older) will create fan works set at Hogwarts during any year of its existence that concern their chosen house categories. Femslash, gen, het, and slash fan works of any kind and of any rating are welcome, cross-overs are encouraged, and creators are free to include in their fan works any characters (canonical or otherwise) that they like.

 House Categories 

*Pirate Monkey/gmonkey42 has my thanks for allowing Sparklypoo to be hogwarts_houses' fifth house.

hogwarts_houses Schedule
The Hogwarts' Houses Fest runs on Eastern Time.
 Sign-Up Period  1-7 June 2011 
 Assignments Sent  8 June 2011 
 Assignment Acceptance  15 June 2011 
 Fan Works Due  3 August 2011 
 Posting Period  1-30 September 2011 
 The Reveal  1 October 2011 

To sign up to participate in hogwarts_houses, please:
  1. read the rules,

  2. join (and "friend") the community,

  3. ask any questions that you have about signing up or the community by emailing them to hogwarts.houses.fest [at] gmail [dot] com rather than asking them in reply to this post,

  4. and cut and paste the template below into a comment in reply to this post, tailoring it accordingly.

    1. Sign-Up Template
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