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The 2012 hogwarts_houses' Master List!

Dear Members and Watchers,

I hope you've enjoyed the Hogwarts' Houses Fest as much as I have! Thank you, aeryun247, blueartemis07, leela_cat, sephystabbity, slumber, unbroken_halo, and venturous1, for pinch-hitting! And now, without further ado, I present

The 2012 hogwarts_houses Master List
 1.  sealcat  Gryffindor  Romatic Lion  Art 
 2.  flipflop_diva  Hufflepuff  We Won't Go Down without a Fight  Fic 
 3.  cabepfir  Ravenclaw  The Charms Master  Art 
 4.  arynwy  Slytherin  The Making of a Legend  Fic 
 5.  margi_lynn  Hogwarts  An Embarrassment of Riches, A Hogwarts Collage  Art 
 6.  slumber  Gryffindor  Lady Luck  Fic 
 7.  slumber  Hufflepuff  we are not shining stars  Fic 
 8.  blueartemis07  Ravenclaw  After the Battle  Fic 
 9.  pretty_panther  Slytherin  The Moment of Truth, and the Moment to Lie  Fic 
 10.  roseofthewest  Hogwarts  The Transcendence of Quidditch  Fic 
 11.  aeryun247  Gryffindor  Job Well Done  Fic 
 12.  duniazade  Hufflepuff  Sweet and Savoury  Fic 
 13.  j_okay  Ravenclaw  A Gold Coin and a Silver Badge  Fic 
 14.  alley_skywalker  Slytherin  Lion Among Snakes, Snake Among Lions  Fic 
 15.  sephystabbity  Hogwarts  In the beginning, there was crack  Art 
 16.  venturous1  Gryffindor  The 874th Gryffindor Games  Art 
 17.  sephystabbity  Hufflepuff  No Earthly Ships  Art 
 18.  unbroken_halo  Ravenclaw  The Mysteries of Hogwarts, by Luna Lovegood  Fic 
 19.  leela_cat  Slytherin  At Seventeen, A Triptych  Fic 
 20.  blueartemis07  Hogwarts  Heart of Stone, Soul of Magic  Fic 
Tags: *mod post, 2012 master list

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