June 5th, 2012


Please help promote hogwarts_houses!

Dear Watchers and Would-Be Participants,

16 writers and artists have signed up to participate in the Hogwarts' Houses Fest so far; sign-ups are ongoing through 7 June. There are showcase positions available for 14 more creators/creative partnerships, and the fest needs participants for every house category except Slytherin (although I will accept two alternates per house category as people always drop out).

If you're interested in seeing another run of hogwarts_houses, please promote the fest by posting its promotional banner in your journals and encouraging your friends to sign up for it:

Hogwarts' Houses Fest

To promote [info]hogwarts_houses, cut and paste the code below into your journal.

If you're interested in participating in hogwarts_houses, please visit the sign-up post. Sign-ups are ongoing through 7 June.

Comments disabled so that no one inadvertently signs up in comments. Please direct any questions that you have about the fest to hogwarts.houses.fest [at] gmail [dot] com.