June 1st, 2012


Sign-ups for hogwarts_houses are now open! (ETA)

Sign-ups are now closed.

The Hogwarts' Houses Fest/hogwarts_houses is an anonymous fest that explores Hogwarts and its houses throughout the ages with a showcase of art and short fic. Femslash, gen, het, and slash fan works of any kind and of any rating are welcome. To participate, writers and artists (18 or older) create fan works concerning Hogwarts and its houses with regard to their assigned house categories.

To participate in the fest:

  1. read the fests' rules, schedule, and submission guidelines, and direct any questions about them to hogwarts.houses.fest [at] gmail [dot] com rather than asking them in reply to this post;

  2. join and friend the community (if you don't have a LiveJournal account, you may participate in the fest via OpenID; read more about OpenID);

  3. and cut and paste the template below into a comment in reply to this post, tailoring it accordingly (please note that sign-ups are screened).

    1. Sign-Up Template