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The 2011 hogwarts_houses' Master List!

Dear Members and Watchers,

Thank you for making the inaugural run of the Hogwarts' Houses Fest a success! I hope you've enjoyed the showcase as much as I have. :D leela_cat, roseofthewest, slumber, and vividescent have my particular thanks for stepping in to pinch-hit. *smooches them*

And now, without further ado, I present

The 2011 hogwarts_houses Master List
 1.  iulia_linnea  Gryffindor  Once Upon an Unspeakable Spin  Fic 
 2.  iulia_linnea  Hufflepuff  How the Part-Vampire Thing Works  Fic 
 3.  cabepfir  Ravenclaw  A Gallant Act  Art 
 4.  voxangelus  Slytherin  Chocolate and Contracts  Fic 
 5.  iulia_linnea  Sparklypoo  Headmastery  Fic 
 6.  aeryun247  Gryffindor  Hogwarts' Tears  Fic 
 7.  roseofthewest  Hufflepuff  Cup of Destiny  Fic 
 8.  blueartemis07  Ravenclaw  In the Moonlight  Fic 
 9.  loopily  Slytherin  Politics in the Pit  Fic 
 10.  [info]snapesgirl  Sparklypoo  A Spark of Inspiration  Fic 
 11.  silvia_elisa  Gryffindor  Gryffindor House, or The Definition of Sticking Together  Fic 
 12.  cranky__crocus  Hufflepuff  House of Comfort  Fic 
 13.  slumber  Ravenclaw  The Seven Grievances of Terry Boot  Fic 
 14.  dexstarr  Slytherin  Fallacies  Fic 
 15.  margi_lynn  Sparklypoo  more than tag along  Art 
 16.  cathedralcarver  Gryffindor  I Have Found What You Are Like  Fic 
 17.  magikcatfics  Hufflepuff  A Better Life Beyond the Horizon  Fic 
 18.  rebecca_selene  Ravenclaw  Nancy Drew and the Phantom Cry  Fic 
 19.  alley_skywalker  Slytherin  A Product of Circumstances  Fic 
 20.  shiv5468  Sparklypoo  The Fall of the House of Sparklypoo, as told by Lucius Malfoy, eyewitness.  Fic 
 21.  derawr  Gryffindor  Sibling Rivalry  Art 
 22.  venturous1  Hufflepuff  Young Pomona and her Familiars  Art 
 23.  roseofthewest  Ravenclaw  Wit Beyond Measure  Fic 
 24.  leela_cat  Slytherin  Glyph  Fic 
 25.  eeyore9990  Sparklypoo  Glitter Is Just a Sparkly Sort of Silver  Fic 
 26.  aylarah_scale  Gryffindor  To be oneself  Fic 
 27.  slumber  Hufflepuff  Scenes from the Hufflepuff Common Room  Fic 
 28.  leela_cat  Ravenclaw  This Strange Intelligence  Fic 
 29.  vividescent  Slytherin  Sweet Seduction  Art 
 30.  eaivalefay  Sparklypoo  Seth Lambert and the House of Sparklypoo (Year 1)  Fic 
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